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If you can answer yes to three or more of the statements below, then Sheree’s program is for you.

Don’t Get Off The Couch Movements to Stay Healthy and Fit

1.   I do not belong to any gym or group exercise
2.   My body hurts when I wake up and/or during the day
3.   I have a hard time getting up out of a chair
4.   I can’t reach my toes anymore to tie my own shoe laces
5.   My doctor says I need a knee or hip replacement
6.   Arthritis has discovered my body
7.   My posture is not so good anymore or maybe never was
8.   I use a Walker or a Wheel Chair on a daily basis
9.   My back hurts
10.  I do not have access to a pool or do not know how to swim to use pool

Sitting on the couch or an easy chair, you can increase your flexibility and strength.  It is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of easy movements. A little goes a long way.

Just sitting you ask?     Are there side effects?     Will this really work?

YES to all three questions.

1. “Don’t Get Off The Couch Program “ is designed to do a little bit between the commercials or chapters of your book.

2. Side Effects are good in this situation. You will increase your flexibility, core muscles for balance and help stiffness.

3. It will work – if you do the movements.  Just thinking about it ,well no.

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At Home – Fit and Healthy in My Home

These simple to do movements are designed to be done several times during the day. Research has shown that as we get older the more movement our joints can do during the day, the better we are going to age. Less aches and pains, this leads to a better quality of life.

Thought Sheree’s Journey of Fitness, she knows how hard it is to get to the gym, especially during holidays, traveling or sickness. Or maybe you just do not like gyms. Golf, Tennis, Biking, Running, Gardening yes these are all healthy exercise, but even as much as you love to do activities we are not able to be consistent sometimes, as life gets in the way.

Sheree has designed simple things to do several times during the day that does not replace the total benefits of gyms or related activities, but are ever so effective. A little goes a long way.

1. Have you lost flexibility?
2. Do you have arthritis?
3. Can your posture be improved?
4. Have you lost some strength?
5. Have you injured a knee or ankle?

These Programs are for everyone. Example of a simple way to give you better stability in your ankle: By standing on one leg and letting the ankle do the work. This has been documented by the National Institute of Health. You do not just do this when you are at the gym, but several times during the day. Sheree’s program includes how you can do this and several other simple movements you can do during the day, without interfering with your normal daily routine.

To Order the Full Program for $8.99 – CLICK HERE 

Aging is a part of life and everyone deserves to life a long, healthy, quality of life. Take charge of your life.

1. Leg Strength                                       5.  Core Strength
2. Upper Body Strength                       6. Lower Body Flexibility
3. Strength for the Hands                    7. Upper Body Flexibility
4. Posture                                                  8.  Neck Flexibility


What Clients Are Saying...

“I am in a much better mood after the class!”   “I did not know I was so strong!”   “Loved the interaction”
“Interesting and fun”   “This Class makes so much sense and helped me remember to be aware”  


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