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If I had a nickel every time someone asks me that, I would be rich. Because I am in the Health & Wellness Industry, this is what I hear at least once every day. I get asked about the Cookie Diet, the HCG Diet, Diets the stars are on, the latest fads in magazines and I am sure you can give me at least 20 more sure fired plans to lose weight.

Because I am an expert on fitness and nutrition,  I care about the people I work with and if you ask me how to lose weight I am going to tell you – do not concentrate I losing weight. I do not want you to lose weight. You heard me right, please do not do fad diets, they only put more weight on you. Your health will then be affected. Stop thinking about the word DIET and calories, change your lifestyle to have a healthier diet every single day. Your diet should be a healthy lifestyle not something you crash.


Health & Fitness Begins With Nutrition

JPuls2Add more fruit and vegetables into your diet. I am aligned with Juice Plus just for that reason. This is a company that does continual research and with four little gummies a day of the fruit and veggies you will get your Dietary Properties you need daily. I eat mostly fruit and veggies, but there is no way I can eat the entire daily required. To start a healthier way of life, find veggies you can choose instead of French Fries. Potatoes do not add the calories, it is the frying that adds to an unhealthy life. All of the research tells us that it is the Fruit and Vegetables that will help diabetes, cancer and auto immune diseases. Start slow, shop the perimeters of the grocery store, steer clear of the processed foods and read labels. You will start becoming accidentally healthy.

GREENS – Another passion of mine. Juicing has become the in thing. Veggie smoothies, they are everywhere. Greens, Greens, the more you drink the better you think. I also am aligned with Greens. Yes, you can make your greens every day, but will you really? Put the kale, spinach, pineapple, apple maybe some protein in the blender and you are set to go. I mix my Greens in the morning, ten seconds for less than $1.00 a day. They give me the energy, detox my liver, help my skin and help keep my immune system top notch. Becoming accidentally healthy can be easy.

I like to teach success to my clients, taking the POSSIBLE out of impossible. There are many factors for each person to consider when choosing a healthier lifestyle. The answer is not the same for everyone, as each one of us are unique individuals. By choosing healthier foods you will find you feel better, as it is true, we are what we eat. Feeling better you will do more activities and the end result is weight loss in a healthy way. You are on a healthier path, setting an example for your children, grandchildren and others in your life. Good health can be contagious.

Tips for a Healthier You:

EATING TOO FAST – Unless you are in a pie eating contest, there is no reward for gobbling your food. Because of our hectic lifestyles many of us eat on the run or have to shovel the food into our mouths. SLOW DOWN, taste the food, enjoy your meal. Eating too fast, doesn’t give our stomach time to realize that food has entered the stomach. When you eat slowing the fullness signal will kick in before you overeat.

SKIP MEALS – Many people wanting to lose weight will skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. Your energy stores are used and upon rising in the morning, if you don’t eat, your body goes into starvation mode. You will hold on to the fat, as the body thinks no food is coming. This where metabolism comes in. Yes, it slows down here, as the body will start to conserve energy and burn fewer calories

HIDDEN CALORIES OR LIQUID CALORIES – When you drink calories, this is not usually a factor in the total calories consumed. This means you usually do not eat less. Eliminate those sodas, watch the dressings on salads (some of them have 500 calories in those itty bitty to go containers), drink light beer instead of regular beer (saving you 50 calories), canned fruit in its own juice instead of heavy syrup, better yet the fruit itself and watch those smoothies and lattes.

SUPERSIZE PORTIONS – Just say “No”. More is not better! Leave a few bites on your plate. Or feed the fish (if allowed by law). And I know it’s tough, but say no thank you to the bonuses at the fast food chains. For .99 you can get…… Please save your dollars. Use the money saved to buy the new pair of pants (smaller size) that you can fit into.

BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU EAT – It’s easy to be at a party or social event and eat a whole day of calories in one hour. We know about liquid calories, watch those fried appetizers, or the ones wrapped in bacon. And it is not true that if you eat the broken pieces the calories have leaked out. Keep track of what you eat. Become more aware of what your fingers put into your mouth.

I challenge you to find new ways to a healthier lifestyle. Everyone deserves good health.


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