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STRESS – The Culprit Making You Sick

Posted on September 18, 2012

Just read an article which stated whether it’s rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus, or any immune disorder stress makes the condition worse. That brings me to writing this today, as stress is everywhere in our lives.  Living here in South Florida, just crossing our streets is stressful.  The toxins in the air adds an unseen stress to the immune system and we have no choice but to breathe the air.  If we quit breatheing the air, well I guess that would eliminate the stress, but I would rather find a way to eliminate another way. Being a Life Style Fitness Coach of course on top of my list is EXERCISE.

Exercise can benefit you emotionally and physicaly. It strengthens the joints and structures surrounding the joints.  Exercise helps you fall into a deeper sleep so one will have more energy and it provides stress relief, without drugs.

Someone just sent me an U-Tube Video about Johnny Carson and Dom Deluise – their egg trick.  Just watching those two characters made me laugh, which is also a way to release stress.  But the eggs reminded me to talk about how eggs can be a stress relief for everyone.  I am earth friendly and never want to destroy anything, so this Stress Buster is earth friendly. Get a carton of eggs, find a field that has a big rock or tree.  Take those eggs and throw them as hard as you can at the object (no people please) and each time an egg breaks, it is like releasing stress from your body. You may feel silly, but oh so good after.  Yes you will have eggs in the field, but you will providing food for the night critters that come scavanging in your garbage cans.  So less stress right there.  You don’t have to pick up strewn garbage all over your yard, critters are full and you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder.

So you are huffing and puffing from throwing all those eggs.  Do you think you just exercised?  Of course you did.  Now that you feel so good you can continue your journey and walk, ride a bicycle, join a gym, take a youa class or if you live in South Florida you can go swimming. You are on your way to learning how to handle that stress.  Stress will always be there, so let’s not buy it this week.

If you are in Boca Raton, FL I do a Walk and Talk just for that reason.  It is open to all women to come (sorry no egg throwing on the walk) walk and connect with other women.  Talking also makes the issues less heavy on our shoulders.  You handle the stress, don’t let the stress handle you.


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