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My Sister

Posted on October 26, 2012

When we were growing up we swam all day, rode our bikes all over town, walked home from school, got up and changed the channel every ½ hour on the TV and really never sat still. We never thought of this as exercise. So now 40 years later, we do not swim, especially my sister, as she lives in cold country, the bikes are rusty and the TV’s have remotes now, so sitting still is a lot easier.

My baby sister, which we will not refer to her as the baby. The reason, I use to say that until one day she introduced me as her OLD sister. That kid was always so smart, shut me right up. But, I love my sister to pieces. And I am so proud of her, that is why she is my topic today.

Over the years she has accumulated some extra weight. Now she is serious about losing it. She lives in the mountains and has started hiking with a group of girlfriends up the mountain every week. Is she exercising? – you betcha. Is she having fun? – of course. Is she getting healthier? – Yes, yes, yes. I do my walk and talks here in Boca and the land is very flat. Walking and Talking in the mountains. That is the best.

What a great inspiration for everyone. Find some girlfriends, or just make some friends and go walking. Of course you will chat, talk or even bitch. Just keep moving and smiling. I encourage everyone to get off the couch this week and do some type of physical activity. Keep up the good work Sis. We will check in with you next week and see how far you are hiking.

Remember the more muscle you have, the more calories you are going to burn, just reading this blog. And the better you will look and feel. I love the WIN WIN situations.


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